Crane-Wetland Timber Mats

Access Roads

Our 8"x4'x16' Timber Mats are exactly what it takes to get through those soft areas where a normal access just wouldn't work.

Work Pads

8"x4'x16 and 4"x8'x14' are ideal for work pads.

Stream Crossings

Our 8"x4'x40' Timber Mats are perfect for crossing and bridging any sizeable stream.

Farm Fields

Most farm fields are soft and most farmers don't want you to compact their soils, so by using our 4"x8'x14' mats, it will disperse the weight being put out while getting you where you need to go safely and effectively.

Grade A Timber Mats

Our mats are grade A, and top in the field.

We have thousands ready to be installed on your job site.

Have a Question?

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