Most commonly used on driveways.


A steady base for drives and access roads.


Most often used to cap a base or fill around pipe.


Perfect for ditch and stream channels.

Provides for good slope stabilization.

River Rock-Pea Gravel

Mostly used for decoration in flower beds and landscaping purposes.


#4 rock is around the size of a golf ball.



We have numerous trucks ready to haul any sort of rock to your job site or home.  There is no job too big or too small.


Try to give us a one day notice on all deliveries.  

Minimum Delivery

There is a 20 ton minimum on all deliveries.

On Site Pick-Up

Want to pick up your rock personally?  Come by 11344 Midland Trail, Ashland Kentucky, or call 606-928-6351.  We have on site personel that will load the rock for you.


We have all the sand you need for your task, just swing by and we will load you up.

Top Soil

Re-doing a yard or constructing a baseball diamond?  We have the top soil for that.